Destiny Transportation Group, Inc. evolved from operating under a sub-contractor service agreement between Elvis D. Muldrow and Walker Tours, Inc. The company was incorporated in November 1997 and a Sub-Chapter(s) Georgia Corporation.

In November of 1998 the company purchased the Greyhound Bus Station located in Albany, Ga from Collier Development as its new headquarters. Plans to redevelop the terminal into a modern transportation center with office space, retail space and operations for local and intercity transportation began in 1999.

The company launched a daily shuttle between Albany and Atlanta's airport in October 1999. The response was extremely favorable.

In July 2002, the company entered into a mentor-protege agreement with the City of Albany that allows Destiny to learn how to manage the day to day operations of an urban transit system.

Most recently, the company has been contracted to operate a public transit system in a five county area surrounding Albany, Ga and to perform transport for clients of the Department of Human Resources.